Hands of Respect LLC: Respecting our constituents by setting the record straight

In light of recent coverage Hands of Respect has been receiving, we wanted to clarify our organization’s structure, work and ambitions.

Hands of Respect LLC is a for-profit company. Yet to date, the company has not made a profit. Stan Lee had a vision he wanted to share with the world, and the LLC structure allowed us to spread his message of unity and respect right away.

All revenues generated to date have been used for operating expense, but it is our hope that Hands of Respect LLC will be self-sustaining and generate enough revenue to support non-profit entities that work to bring communities closer, and we are actively pursuing new partnerships aligning with our cause.

We are thrilled that so many are paying attention to our organization, and we sincerely hope this attention will continue to grow. With your help and support, we strive to come together to transform Stan’s goal of unity and mutual respect, among all communities, into a reality.

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