Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect at CSU Chancellor Meeting

Sacramento State Public Relations students spoke at the California State University Chancellor’s meeting Wednesday regarding Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect.

A group of students from Sacramento State’s PR program traveled to attend and speak at the Chancellor’s meeting on the 22nd. The students have teamed up with Stan Lee to help bring awareness to Stan’s Lee’s Hands of Respect.

Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect aims to promote education, leadership, equality and an atmosphere of mutual respect between law enforcement and the community.

The students alongside Sacramento State’s own President Nelsen spoke purely words of positivity, compassion and respect at the meeting and invited the Chancellor, all CSU presidents, and The Board of Trustees to join them in this journey. The invitation included all to participate in a live stream event to kick off the campaign on April 20th.

Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom was especially interested in the students’ message and spoke with them at length after the meeting concluded.

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